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A certain vision of godplanets.


released April 6, 2012

Music, words, recording, mixing, mastering and artwork by A. Vieille.



all rights reserved


Drums As Guns And Chords As Cries Chalon Sur Saône, France

Drums As Guns And Chords As Cries is a solo project by a french guy (me) that was created in summer 2011.
The style is changing depending on the albums, but it's basically a mix of post hardcore, noise, screamo...
My former band split due to distance, and i missed creating music, so i began doing my own stuff all alone.
It's not made to be mainstream, but to fit my tastes ! Hope some guys enjoy !
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Track Name: Hatching
The sun brought me to life, and secretly, all the pieces came together and began to make sense.
I keep near my father-mother because i fear the infinity that surrounds me.
The rays keep me warm and dry my tears.
Unaware, i stand near the fire that will burn me the first.
Track Name: Seduction
Passive and lascive, i sit in the playground and i don't even notice that everyone is staring at me.
My beauty is some kind of magic. I could even say a curse.
It makes me raise in a pervert way as i can manipulate anyone.
Track Name: Apprentice
I'm so small compared to my older brothers and sisters, but my heart is powerfull and brings hope to everyone.
The children i raised are brilliant and beautiful. Some of them want to kill me and make me look like the others, desertic, dry and sad.
Hopefully, i have the power to struggle against that. They will soon understand.
Track Name: Icing Heart
I tried to be better, but my anger is dominating me. I found my karma in battles and wars.
There was a time when i could love but it's gone away.
I know i will never be like my father, but violence is a way to make him see me.
In the end, i hope i will die by the sword, to make them suffer my loss.
Track Name: Sovereign
I'm proud of my family. They all found their way in the universe. Thanks to me, the balance is set.
I know they try to take the power, but they can not defeat me.
What i only regret is that in my war against Sol, there is no way i can win. Without him i'm dead, and he knows it.
I am arrived to a point where stagnation is the best hope. This makes me sad to know that i can not hope for more...
I wonder if i can continue like this without a goal.
Track Name: Ego
There was a time, everyone was trembling before my sight.
And now i'm just a mortal, i have to earn every single part of my food...
I can still remember the taste my children had before being betrayed. What a good memory...
And now it's over. The cycle repeats. After having chased my father away, my son did the same to me.
All because of the females. Traitors, all of them. I knew they were ploting in my back.
I would punish everyone if only i still had some power... This weakness is killing me slowly.
My anger is growing and it burns me inside.
Track Name: Pacemaker
All things live under my command. Without me, no movement, no life, no energy.
They all think they are free from my influence... Fools.
My ineluctable pace brings them all to an end. And personnaly, i have plenty of time...
Well, almost infinity to see them decline and to restore my domination amongst universe.
They thought it was sufficient to prevent my reproduction. But i'm the only real infinite being.
I don't need any successor... I'm self-sufficient.
Track Name: Peacemaker
Placid and peaceful, i observe my empire moving all around.
Birthplace of life, the water is allways equal.
Even when it kills some beings on the surface or on boats, it is never on purpose. It is never cruel.
Then i come to reset the chaos to another different chaos that has less cries and blood.
And the mortals worship me. Blue is my crown, blue is my world, blue is my heart, blue is life.
Track Name: Justice
In the end, Uranus brings them all to me. Coldly, i then judge who goes where.
For the good-willed, i have an entire land underground, where they can wander and find oblivion.
For the bad, the end is much longer...
They have to know a bit of the pain they inflicted to others to start remission.
I am Justice. I am reason. All the rest are completely senseless and meaningless.
They all act like fools, just as if there was no end.
I am the surprise behind the corner. Fear me, love me.
In the shadows i observe you. Do not even think i can forget or forgive...