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by Drums As Guns And Chords As Cries

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On the way to Z...


released December 19, 2012

Music, words, recording, mixing, mastering and artwork by A. Vieille.



all rights reserved


Drums As Guns And Chords As Cries Chalon Sur Saône, France

Drums As Guns And Chords As Cries is a solo project by a french guy (me) that was created in summer 2011.
The style is changing depending on the albums, but it's basically a mix of post hardcore, noise, screamo...
My former band split due to distance, and i missed creating music, so i began doing my own stuff all alone.
It's not made to be mainstream, but to fit my tastes ! Hope some guys enjoy !
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Track Name: Mac Burp Alone At 9 PM In A Foreign Town
Oh what a great feeling!
Let's have a good meal and win the war against hunger.
An empty stomach is a plague...
I won't sleep like this.
Track Name: Supreme 42
Oh divine number, bring us the answer of life !
Give us the real meaning of existence !
Track Name: Malin Melsenne
1, 3, 7, 31...
Track Name: A Group Of Pigs Is A Great Thing
A group of pigs is a great thing...
But you have not to be amazed if you find shit at their feet.
Track Name: Never Trust A Joker
Sliding all around, viper tongue speaking like a traitor.
A smile face but evil behind. See the grave in the mirror ?
Never trust a joker !
Track Name: Jesus Was Born A Rainy Day
Jesus was born a rainy day.
Fate was against him ; supposed to bring peace to mankind, he failed.
His heritage is only division and hate.
A son of a bitch that trust his mad visions...
Track Name: All Your Base Are Belong To Ninjas Part I
Look at this shadow through the window moving like a cat pursuing his prey
It seems to be a man even if the silouhette is unclear.
Wonder why he wears such a strange outfit !
The filmmaker was certainly drunk !
He now walks on the wall! That's a marvel !!
Diamond to cut the glass and a vacuum to remove the piece.
A hand get into the hole and reaches the handle.
His steps are silent and light.
Plastic blade is now out and waits like a snake to hit his prey...
Track Name: Bulgogi
Fat eyes on boiling water.
Kimchi is waiting for you on the corner of the table.
Mushrooms, like grey noodles, move with the flow.
Beef is already sacrified to hunger
Annyong haseyo ! Tul maekchu putak hamnida! Bulgogi for all. Maekchu juseyo !
Track Name: Tennis Is A Sport For Smart People
You have to stay focused, you have to stay alert.
Forget the sacrifices your parents had to make.
Forget the pills you have to take.
Track Name: Silly Ghosts
How come can you only show your existence to weak ones ?
Why wouldn't you show yourself to scientists, so that anyone knows you're here ?
Silly ghosts, just leave us alone. Everyone had his share, we know life is unfair.
Track Name: What A Wonderful World
Bombs, poverty, uranium, death, famine, incest, crime, war,
Suicide, capitalism, despair, egoism,
Plague, rape, lies, murder, guns, genocide, religion...
And i think to myself : what a wonderful world...
Track Name: Avalanche Of Mana In Your Face
Kamehameha !
Track Name: All Your Base Are Belong To Ninjas Part II
The target is in the next room.
At his desk, he's reading.
The snake reaches his prey's throat slowly and suddenly bites
A clear red geyser springs out and covers the screen.
All hail Jaguar Wong ! (Buy a Garfield phone.)
All hail Godrey Ho ! (And blonde fake hair !)
Track Name: One Ball (Or The End Of You)
Didn't you see this sign ?
It's saying "private property, no trespassing", right ?
So you know i have the right to kill you just like that, uh ?
So die, fucking bastard !
Track Name: Ø
Track Name: Something Goes Wrong In My Head
Why do i like dead kennedys while other people like shakira ?
Why do i believe there's no god while others kill for him ?
Why do i find this world stupid while others are happy ?
Why do i only ask myself this question ??
Something goes wrong in my head !!
Track Name: Fucking 8 Ball
It is certain
It is decidedly so
Without a doubt
Yes – definitely
You may rely on it
As I see it, yes
Most likely
Outlook good
Signs point to yes
Reply hazy, try again
Ask again later
Better not tell you now
Cannot predict now
Concentrate and ask again
Don't count on it
My reply is no
My sources say no
Outlook not so good
Very doubtful
Track Name: Sunglasses
I hate you when you hide your eyes...
"Never trust someone with sunglasses", my father used to say.
He was right, damn right.
Track Name: Honest Politics
Error 404, file not found.
Track Name: Eating Razor Blades
One day, i'll try to swallow something sharp.
Just to see if it can go out without any damages.